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This section of the site is to provide a bit of recommendations provided by previous brides. On our Flash Website, we have an Accolades section with video recommendations from past brides. If you haven't checked it out already, please try to view the recommendations there. This will be a verbatim, typed out translation of their recommendations. Enjoy!

First, a few quick snippets from emails sent to us here:

"We love the slideshow ... It has made people I have just met cry" - Brett and Julianne

"... your work is simply beautiful. I can't thank you both enough" - Stephen Braddy

"I'm sitting here looking at the link you've sent me and crying at my desk -- no lie! Your photography is breathtaking!" - Amy Carter, Editor, Golden Isles Magazine

"Don't hesitate to book Anna and Spencer!!! They are AMAZING!!!!" - Christine Ayotte

Now for the bridal recommendations written out from our video recommendations - this is word for word what was said. I should note here, we did not prompt any of the couples on what to say. We put a video camera in front of them and simply asked what they would like to say.


Brett and Julianne

(Julianne) We knew Spencer and Anna were awesome when we originally planned to get married down on St. Simons Island in April, and we called them up and said "hey guys, by the way, could you shoot us in Aiken, South Carolina, in two months?" And, they said, "Sure, no problem, we'll be there!" We knew that they were the best, the most accomidating, the most caring photographers that you could ever ask for to capture one of - THE most important day in your life.

(Brett)We met them for our engagment session in St. Simons. Ah, they took a ton of photos all over St. Simons Island.

(Julianne) Oh, we had...

(Brett) We developed several photos and gave them away as gifts from our wedding to our mothers and family. And, all they'se could do was weep and cry 'cause they were just ... they're artistically done and the best pictures we could ever hope to get.

(Julianne) They, they, are beautiful. They capture such ... the love. I know I might sound cheesy, but they capture exactly what's going on between the people they are photographing. They capture the moment; they capture the emotion behind it. ... They are beautiful photographs. They are wonderful people. We could not ask for anything - anything - better. We will recommend them to everyone. And, they will travel!

(Brett) They're on top of it - they're organized. And, their artistic ability is ... better than anybody I've ever seen. So, I hope to have them take more pictures of us in the future.

(Julianne) We hope that someday they come and ... maybe take the pictures of our babies. That'd be great! (Brett - that'd be awesome)

(Brett) So, thank you Anna.. (Julianne) Thank you Spencer. Thank you guys very much.


Zack and Ashley

(Ashley) Our wedding day was wonderful. Spencer and Anna really helped set the mode and make everybody at ease. We did the pictures with the wedding parties and we did the family pictures. It was wonderful. All the bridesmaids - the families, the mothers - we're so complimentative of how professional Spencer and Anna were but still at the same time they were wonderful to work with the kids - we had a bunch of kids in the wedding, it was great.

We went to the reception after the wedding. They let us do our first dance and everything and then they just kind of slyly pulled us to the side and nobody realized we were gone. And they took the pictures of Zack and I outside on the golf course. And, those are probably our favorite pictures. And they were everybody else's favorite pictures because they did some candid ones that when we weren't looking ... it was just wonderful, wonderful. And, it's really helped us go back and look at the wedding and look at things we didn't remember. They caught shots that I don't even remember I was there - or, talking to people ... 'cause you forget everything on your wedding day.

It was a wonderful experience. I thank them so much becaus we'll have these pictures forever. We can show them to our kids and to our grandkids. They're wonderful memories. Our families love them. I couldn't say enough good things about Spencer and Anna. And, I would recommend them to anybody - for their wedding, or any type of special event because they'll catch you smiling at the person you love. It was, it was just wonderful. And we thank them so much.

(Ashley) Well, we loved ya'll.

(Brett) Ya'll did awesome - awesome, awesome, awesome.

(Ashley) Yeah, when I say ya'll are the best - And, Zack was like, "they were really good" - no, I mean, I've been in tons of weddings and have worked with tons of photographers. And, ya'll are by far the best. I mean, by far the best. Like, I mean, at my sister's wedding, and my girlfriends' wedding, my brother's wedding. I mean, it's just, ya'll have been the most professional and the ...

(Brett) Easy to work with. I'm terrible at pictures and ya'll are easy to work with.

(Ashley) Yeah, and at the same time, ya'll weren't pushy. It wasn't like "do this, do this, do this." It was just ... SO easy. And, ya'll were so great to work with and the pictures turned out ... Awesome. Yeah, awesome. We're so happy with them!


Anna and Spencer Photography

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