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Biography - A Little Bit About Us

1) We're married and in love
2) We absolutely love what we do
3) We are both 100% full-time wedding photographers working together and love it
4) We really enjoy getting to know each couple and reflecting their personalities in the photographs we capture
5) We're confident, easy-going, and reliable
6) We capture the real moments of your wedding day

I'd say those are the important parts - but, we can go a bit more into depth here. On our flash website, there's a video of us talking about why we love wedding photography - I'll attempt to paraphrase here.

Basically, what it comes down to ... is simply our real passion for capturing the real moments of a wedding day. You see, it is your day. Really and truly. We capture the photographs we know you would want. We try to know your personality, who you are, and capture photographs that we know you will absolutely love. Of course, this is through our eye and style.

During your wedding day, we're definitely the easy-going wedding photographers. We get the shots - this is what we do, we're 100% confident that we'll always get the shot. So, this frees us up a bit to capture the real moments as they happen. Some quick examples of shots we love to capture - the first time the mother and father see their daughter in her wedding dress, the first time the bride and groom see each other, their first dance, the father and daughter dance, the cutting of the cake, the laughter and singing with celebration ... the list can go on for quite some time. Though, I have to admit, we don't ever think of any couple as the 'bride' and the 'groom', but rather as (for example) Jessica and Nick. We try to be connected with every couple we shoot - to a point where we are truly excited that they are getting married. And, we are extremely thrilled when we capture a photograph we know they will cherish. I can't emphasize this enough - each couple is unique to us, each couple are absolute equals with us - we are there to capture the real emotions. We see the real emotions, the real moments, and we capture this in our photographs. We don't simply want a picture - we want a wedding photograph that tells a story of the relationship, the love, the laughter, the fun, ... the entire day. At every wedding there are moments, unique to each wedding, that tell the story of the day. Our job is to capture that moment with all of the memories intact.



Anna and Spencer Photography

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