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October 19, 2009  |  Announcements

Hi Everyone!!!

Anna and I have been working on our ideas for our website for quite sometime. While our old site was pretty decent; however, we had several changes in mind. So, over the past many months – we’ve been working on it when not editing & taking photographs. We had many video takes – and many revisions (we got up to test version 43). However, now (finally), we have launched our new website!!!

Anna and Spencer's new website!

You can see our new website at http://www.annaandspencer.com

You can see our old site at http://www.annaandspencer.com/website_new.swf

So, to list out the upgrades/changes:

- The background is now gray. We found the green didn’t look so great on different monitors. When we heard someone saw the green (old version) as a military green … it was time to change. Oh, and, our website now matches our blog a bit better.

- WAY faster loading time. Before, it had to load 3-3.5Mb before the intro slideshow could start playing. Now, it has to load all of 324kb. With this, the intro slideshow used to pull Jpegs independently and wouldn’t always play correctly (especially for those with slower connections). Now, it is a streaming FLV.

- NEW Bio Video!!! Woot!!! Seriously, the old one, which had some harsh critiques, was a couple of years old now. The quality wasn’t great … nor the sound. Now, we have a new video (that can go full-screen). Better quality all-around.

- Completely restructured our investment page. On the old site, we had 13 buttons one could press and read. … that was just too much. The original idea was to have videos for every one of those buttons anyway. In the redesign, we decided simplicity was key. We now have 4 buttons and that’s it. Keeping it simple. Also, these four buttons now load videos on the right side of the screen – we wanted to do this from day 1 and are happy that it is live and working.

- Completely restructured portfolio. So, on the old site, we loved the visual impact of the large images in our portfolio. However, a huge drawback, they didn’t always load for the users (depending on their internet connection). I’d say about 2/5 people had problems viewing. So, now, we went with a completely new idea for us – showing 6-12 images from entire weddings. The images are large enough to easily see without clicking on them – but, when clicked, a window pops up with a MUCH larger version (1250 pixels in length) – also, we created a new watermark for these images that we’re now using for images on our blog as well.

- A couple new recommendation videos. 

So, yay! New website! Wahoo!!!! Let us know what you think. 

- Spencer Clark
Anna and Spencer Photography

About the author

Anna and Spencer are married full-time wedding photographers together based in Atlanta and have been shooting for over five years. While based in Atlanta, Anna and Spencer travel quite a bit for weddings - some of the locations include France, Italy, the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands, and all along the East Coast of the United States (NYC, Charleston, Hilton Head, Sea Island). They enjoy a challenge, new locations, and love what they do (and love that they can create outstanding imagery of weddings together).

Anna and Spencer are regular speakers locally and nationally on a wide variety of photography topics ranging from lighting to getting published.
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