Deborah & Glenn | Paris, France

June 8, 2010  |  Destination Weddings, Weddings

Hi Everyone!!!

So, if you couldn’t tell before, Anna and I were thrilled to travel to Paris, France and photograph Deborah & Glenn’s destination wedding (and Day After – that post will come soon as well!). We really had a great time while there and were able to capture -many- great photographs for them. We just wanted to make a blog post and share some of the photographs from their wedding day.

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Glenn and Deborah’s wedding ceremony was held at Chateau de Rochecotte

Glenn getting ready for the wedding day

The rings are on one of the hinges that closes the windows at the Chateau.

Deborah and Glenn's First Kiss at their Destination Wedding Ceremony in France and Paris

Deborah and Glenn right after their destination wedding ceremony in France

- Anna and Spencer
Anna and Spencer Photography

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Anna and Spencer are married full-time wedding photographers together based in Atlanta and have been shooting for over five years. While based in Atlanta, Anna and Spencer travel quite a bit for weddings - some of the locations include France, Italy, the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands, and all along the East Coast of the United States (NYC, Charleston, Hilton Head, Sea Island). They enjoy a challenge, new locations, and love what they do (and love that they can create outstanding imagery of weddings together).

Anna and Spencer are regular speakers locally and nationally on a wide variety of photography topics ranging from lighting to getting published.
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  1. Anna and Spencer, happened to stumble across these and they are fabulous!!! We were equally thrilled to have you photograph our wedding, and have a chance to meet you, and spent time with your fantastic skill and fabulous personalities!! Even before seeing some of these ‘teaser trailer’ photos we have been recommending you to everyone!! What an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. Can’t wait to see the rest!!

    Love, Deb and Glenn

  2. These are stunning! It looks like you had a fantastic time shooting in Paris. Can’t wait to see the Day After photos!

  3. Well I must say, this beats my weddings on the beach any day! AWESOME images! What a BEAUTIFUL place to have a Wedding! I love the Brides Bird-Cage Veil! And love those ring shots!!!

  4. Love, love, love them! You two are so talented. Thank you for making wonderful memories of my daughter’s wedding. We loved having you as part of it all. It truly was a pleasure getting to know you both. Thank you, Bouncy

  5. Dear Glenn and Deborah!

    How beautifull you are and on the photo’s!! I’ve heard that you have been married in France from your mother and my mom! How ROMANTIC!! ;-)
    Lot’s off love and happiness together!!


    Jet Kuijmans from Holland!

    ps. Glenn.. YOUR HAIR!!! Vincent van Gogh-look?? ;-)

  6. LOOOOOOVE your work! I could look at your blog all day. You guys are incredibly talented. This was a gorgeous wedding too. You two are so lucky!

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