Jing and Kyle’s Wedding!

July 16, 2010  |  Weddings

Hi Everyone!

Anna and I had a great time this past weekend photographing Jing and Kyle’s wedding at Callaway Gardens. The day was full of meaningful details and wonderful moments. I also wanted to mention what a great job Details of the Gardens did with the design and setup for their wedding. Congratulations and enjoy the photographs below!

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Jing getting ready above – I wanted to note, Euijung Hwang was Jing’s excellent makeup artist on her wedding day.

Jing had an amazing dress from Bridals by Lori. It was gorgeous!

So, you might wonder here about the cranes (you’ll see them again as you look at more photographs). So, let me tell you the story of 1000 cranes. It is a Japanese tradition where if you craft 1000 cranes, you are granted one wish. So, in keeping with this tradition, Kyle made 1000 cranes … twice. The first time, Kyle made 1000 cranes before asking Jing on a date. Of course, for this, he received one wish – and, seeing their wedding, I believe it was granted. Then, again, for their wedding (and I may have lost part of this story as I only overheard it), they created another 1000 cranes. I’m not sure on what their wish is – perhaps Kyle’s was that she would say ‘I do’ – however, I am sure that it will be granted as well. This was very meaningful to Kyle and Jing, and I’m glad we were able to capture it throughout the day.

The gorgeous location of Jing and Kyle’s wedding behind the Discovery Building at Callaway Gardens on the bridge

An infrared shot Anna was able to capture during the ceremony

I wanted to mention here – in the photograph above, you can just barely see it starting to sprinkle (noticeable in the water). Right after everyone got under cover, it started to poor. Their timing couldn’t have been better for the weather.

Jing and Kyle went outside to see the rainbow that appeared during their reception

After the toasts, we went back out to prepare for the tossing of the bouquet! On the bridge, of course. Jing and Kyle wanted a few photographs first of just the two of them.

- Spencer
Anna and Spencer Photography

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Anna and Spencer are married full-time wedding photographers together based in Atlanta and have been shooting for over five years. While based in Atlanta, Anna and Spencer travel quite a bit for weddings - some of the locations include France, Italy, the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands, and all along the East Coast of the United States (NYC, Charleston, Hilton Head, Sea Island). They enjoy a challenge, new locations, and love what they do (and love that they can create outstanding imagery of weddings together).

Anna and Spencer are regular speakers locally and nationally on a wide variety of photography topics ranging from lighting to getting published.
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  1. Hi Jing & Kyle, Your pictures are just
    amazing. It was a beautiful wedding &
    reception. I visited with your parents Jing,
    of course we had an interpreter, but they
    seemed so nice & relaxed.
    I so enjoyed visiting with your bridesmaids!
    They were very friendly. I did not get to
    tell each of them good by and I wish I had.They were great girls.
    If you get the chance would you please tell
    them how much I enjoyed them and I’m sorry
    we didn’t get to say good by to each other
    I’m sure your life will be great & you can
    enjoy each other. Good luck Jing & Kyle.
    Love,Grandma & Grandpa Fritz . We love both of you so much. Take care.

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful job you’ve done for our wedding photography as well as the engagement session. Words can not express our appreciation. Thanks!

  3. Beautiful pictures!!! Just stumbled across your site today and your work is amazing!!! :) Keep it up!

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