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First off, Anna and I were absolutely thrilled to photograph Marc and Valeria’s destination wedding in Bedizzole, Italy. If you haven’t been, Italy is such a great place – one of those places you look forward to going back to with every visit. With this visit, we were simply blown away – by the couple, the guests, the scenery, and – of course – the food. So, back to this post – Marc and Valeria’s wedding! It took place in Bedizzole, Italy – not far from Lake Garda (Lago di Garda). To sum up the area – think of a hillside location overlooking the rather large Lago di Garda. In a word – stunning. We wanted to share their wedding in a few parts on our blog.

I have to say, from the photographs, you’d have no idea that it was hailing earlier that day – enough to nearly block out your vision. We couldn’t even be sure that Anna and I had found the right address until it let up a little bit. That was the start to Marc & Valeria’s amazing wedding day – they always say that rain means good luck, so, I assume hail can only mean better things to come. It stopped hailing perhaps an hour prior to their ceremony time, with great relief to Marc. When we arrived at the church, guests were arriving, talking, and excited about the day with Marc among them. About half of their guests were from Italy, with Valeria’s family being Italian and she herself speaking Italian fluently, and the other half had flown in from various areas (many from the US). So, as you can imagine, the scene was set with excited talk in many languages – all ready for Marc and Valeria’s wedding to begin. So, that is where we begin the imagery below.

Enjoy the photographs of Marc and Valeria’s wedding ceremony in Bedizzole, Italy

ok, first, we did take a couple of photographs (above and below) of the area when we arrived the day before – we feel it helps set the scene

Valeria getting dressed in her wedding gown for her destination wedding in bedizzole, Italy

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